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At Congregations B’nai Tzedek and Beit Chaverim, we welcome all and value each individual. As intimate congregations that are primarily lay-led, everyone is welcomed into the community and invited to participate in services and activities according to his or her interests. Our communities are engaging and supportive – newcomers are actively invited into conversation at potlucks and post-services kiddushes; we ensure that there are always minyans and family support for people sitting shivah; and we provide rides to those who need assistance in attending services and events, and support to shut-ins.

We grow learners and leaders. Many of our frequent service leaders have developed their leadership skills in our communities, and have been pleasantly surprised to see those skills transfer to other activities in their lives. We provide safe, supportive opportunities to stretch and grow. We make it easy for our community members to create programming and prayer services that meet their needs and those of the broader Jewish community. Building on the skills of our membership, our member rabbis, and the broader community, we offer a full array of religious, educational, and social events.

We are one family with two congregations. A unique aspect of our community is the special partnership between the Conservative Congregation B’nai Tzedek and the Reform Congregation Beit Chaverim. Each congregation maintains its own religious identity with its own religious services, to which all members of both congregations are always welcome, along with the general public. Our educational programs and many social functions are joint undertakings. The two congregations share one building, providing a unique opportunity for sampling both Jewish traditions. New and continuing members of our joint community move seamlessly between events of the two congregations. The presence of congregations practicing both the Conservative and Reform Jewish traditions under the same roof is totally unique to Cincinnati, and exceedingly rare throughout the United States. The openness shown by each congregation towards the other is a unique characteristic of the collaboration between B’nai Tzedek and Beit Chaverim, and extends to the Jewish community at large, which is always welcome to our services and other events.

Congregations B’nai Tzedek and Beit Chaverim offer a unique opportunity to find a Jewish home. Whether you are looking for a place to pray, to learn, to volunteer, to see Israeli films, or to just schmooze with someone over a meal, we are here to offer this variety of opportunities – and more – to find your “Jewish spirit” and others who are willing to join in the journey with you.