A London Escorts heals my broken heart

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  • July 12, 2018
  • One of the best thing in life is to have someone to comfort you when you feel alone and depress. Someone who can see the pain in your eyes and willing to care of your soul. Life maybe hard and painful, but to have someone in our life, it lightens the heavy in our heart and make our life easier to deal. There are some parts of us that is badly broken, and we do not know how to heal it again. We are tired of fake love and people. Love is a beautiful feeling, it makes us to have a better life. There are times we just want to surrender and give up, but having someone in our life is everything. Someone that helps us to go through our life, someone that will never get tired hearing our problems and dramas in life. We are tired of all the shits that we have been through, and we just want someone to make us believe that we are worth it and valuable too. When we are in love we are inspired to make our life better, we continue doing good for ourselves and become better. It is just nice to have someone in our side to make us believe in real love. There may be problems that comes in our way but it is alright as long as we have someone to share with us in our journey, we became brave and face our difficulties. But sometimes love is also the source of sadness, when we are too attached with someone and fall in love with them deeply is hard, especially if we build good memories to them.

    The hardest part I have been through when we broke up with my long time girlfriend. I have many dreams for us and she is the only girl I look forward to be with me for the rest of my life. We have a good relationship together, supposedly we were getting married if she just say yes on my proposal, I am embarrassed and all my efforts are put into waste. She declined my proposal and knew that she is having an affair. I have a mental break down and took me long to recover. But sometimes, I have recall what she did.

    I went to London, and book for the first time a London Escorts, its quite some time I have not dated anyone. She looks gorgeous and sweet to me. We get along and comfortable. Often we go out and she help me to forget everything. She makes me smile and give positivity into my life. I become more alive and motivated because of her. A London Escorts heals my broken heart.

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