I Left to Work As An Escort in the US

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  • November 11, 2019
  • Although I loved working for London escorts, I often found that I got really miserable during the long English winters. During a break from London escorts, I took a holiday to Los Angeles. I had read a lot about Los Angeles and I just wanted to check out the place. Before I knew, I fell in love with the City of Angels. I went back to London, applied to study in the US and was soon back on the plane.

    Yes, I did start my special yoga course in Los Angeles. It was great and I loved every moment of it. But, I also realised that I missed London escorts. Once you get into escorting, and do well as I had done working for London escorts, it can be hard to let go. After having been in Los Angeles for a couple of months, I started to check out a couple of local escort agencies and was soon working for an escort agency.

    Los Angeles is just full of adult services and escort agencies. I used to think that working for London escorts was demanding, but you really can’t compare working for an escort agency in Los Angeles to working for London escorts. The day in Los Angeles starts early. Instead of dating late at night, you may find yourself going out for breakfast instead of going out for dinner. Most men work really hard and fit in dating escorts whenever they can.

    The good thing about working as an escort in Los Angeles is that the locals are more relaxed about escorting. Working for London escorts is still a bit of a taboo, but in Los Angeles, people are more open-minded about dating escorts. They simply tell their friends that they are into dating escorts because they don’t have any time for longterm relationships. I think that approach works much better.

    What are Los Angeles escorts like compared to London escorts? To be honest, the girls who work as escorts in Los Angeles are a bit less bitchy than London escorts. They seem to work together much more and even recommend each other services. When you escort in Los Angeles, you are much more of a glamour model than a cheap tart. I date some men who just treat me like a regular girlfriend. Since I started escorting in Los Angeles, I have been shopping on Rodeo Drive and I have to admit that I feel really at home here in Los Angeles.

    Is my dream job? In many ways working in Los Angeles is my dream job and I can’t see myself giving it up in a hurry. I love it out here and I like the lifestyle. Yes, I am still in touch with many of my former friends at London escorts. If I want to go back I could, but I am not sure that I really want to. I think that I am going to try to stay in the United States for as long as I possibly can. Believe it or not, I have become a bit of a Californian girl.

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