Love the one you are with…

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  • June 30, 2017
  • Is a trick to doing well as an escort? The new girls who join Victoria escorts here in London often ask me if there any special tricks to the trade or guide lines they should follow. I cannot really say that there are but it is important to look after your gents. The one thing that I always tell my girls here at Victoria escorts is to love the one that you are with. I think it sounds a bit weird to them, and they often give me a certain kind of look when I say that.

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    So, what does it mean? It is very simple really. We all like to be appreciated and taking of when we are spending time with someone. That matters hugely when you are on a private date with a guy, and at the same time, it matters great deal when you are hooking with guys at Victoria escorts. They really want to feel valued and appreciated, so that is what I do for them. I love my dates and I like to make them feel special.

    One of the reasons gents like to come back to certain escorts, is because they feel that they have a personal connection to that escort. You may think it is because you are pretty and sexy, but there is a lot more to it than that. I think that it is important to make sure that you can set up your dates for a longer period of time. This is actually the best way to get to know a gent and start to form that vital personal bound with him. Anyway, that is what I focus on doing here at Victoria escorts.
    The first thing that you should put on when you start your Victoria escorts shift, is a pretty smile. It should stay on all day lone and it ten times more important than your lipstick. Since I have been working for the escort agency, I have been smiling a lot more all around and it helps a lot. Not only do I have less wrinkles but I feel good about myself. It is true what they say. When you smile, the rest of the world smiles with you. Trying smiling on your way into work, and you will soon notice that it makes a huge difference to your entire life.

    You may only meet your gents a couple of times per month, but do make an effort to remember small details about his life. I worked on a cruise ship before I joined Victoria escorts and I always used to keep a note of the drinks the guests enjoyed it. If you like, I do the same thing here at the escort agency . It really helps a lot and goes along way towards giving my gents that personal escort experience that they are looking for. Like I say, love the one you with and they will keep coming back to you for more pleasures.

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