Surbiton Escorts beauties

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  • July 13, 2016
  • I was only going to stay at Surbiton escorts¬† for a year, but I have been here for three years, laughs Rosemary. This is the second agency that I worked for and I like this one. What I really like is that it is a super friendly agency, and all of the girls have a lot of fun. It also makes a huge difference that we have a really good boss. Most agencies are run by men, but this one is run by a woman. She says it is better as escorting is such a feminine job after all. Perhaps this is why she is such a good boss.

    Sara, the boss at Surbiton escorts, used to work for an elite agency escorts agency in London. After she finished there, she worked for agencies both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She also did a brief stint as an adult model. This is one lady who has made some serious money out of the adult entertainment business and continues to do so. Many girls work for her just for that reason. They realize that when Sara makes money, they make money. She seems to know exactly what to do and she does it in a nice way.

    Surbiton Escorts beauties
    Surbiton Escorts beauties

    We do take on a lot of girls, says Rosemary, but not all of them stay. There are a lot of foreign girls working in the Surbiton escorts industry. They all dream of being able to make really big money, but what they don’t realize is that you have to start somewhere. Some of the girls start and leave after a couple of weeks. They think that they have gained enough experience to get a job for a VIP agency. Some of them try to come back, others are never heard of again. Surbiton escorts never employ any of these girls again.

    Yes, it would be amazing to earn ¬£450 per hour, but I wonder how many dates these girls. I can earn more than that in a day, a lot more, but I do have to have more dates. To me, it doesn’t matter, says Rosemary. One of the girls who did make it as an elite girl, says that she pays a fortune for her apartment and may only get a few dates. The money does workout about the same she says. Sara says that is probably right. Surbiton escorts and central London escorts probably earn about the same.

    I have no plans to leave Surbiton escorts to work for a central London agency, says Rosemary. First of all I am not sure is going to pay, and number two, I don’t want to live in the middle of London. It is really expenses and just to busy for me. I appreciate that I can’t be an escort forever, and I will need to change. Sara has suggested that I go and work on the front desk in a few years time, and I might just do that. Whatever happens, I know that I will be fine with her guidance.

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