The Ultimate delicacy from London escorts

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  • April 27, 2017


    What would you call a delicacy? We all have different ideas and concept of what we would call a delicacy. Personally I love playing with food on my dates here at London escorts, and one of my personal delicacies is dark chocolate. Some girls are really into milk chocolate but I find that too sweet. Dark chocolate made from higher coco content tastes so much better, and I understand that it is good for you. Sometimes I smear it all over my boyfriend’s chest and lick of really slow… it is such a turn on.


    Cream is another thing that I like to play with. When I was younger, I did not really like cream at all, but as I have gotten to be older, I have got really into cream. It can be such a delicacy and you can do some many fun things with cream. Another great thing about cream is that you can flavour it with so many different flavour. Of course you can buy artificial flavourings, but there is no real need to dos. I low to flavour my cream with natural flavours, and strawberry is my personal favourite. You can try it yourself. Just put some strawberries and double cream in a blender and blend it together. I thickens the cream, and brings out the flavour of those strawberries. My London escorts cream is a bit of speciality.


    What about Philadelphia cream cheese? I know that it is great for cheesecake, but it can be used for so much else as well. Here at London escorts of, I sometimes like to make up little treats for my gents. It is so easy to make up little treats. All you need is some good quality crackers, and you will be able to make up some of the most delicious creations. Topping cream cheese with things like caviar and smoked salmon is one option, but you can also use fresh tomatoes and cucumber. Small bits of salty sardines are nice on cream cheese as well, or just use a selection of herbs.


    Of course, if you have a special gent visiting you at your London escorts boudoir, you may want to invest in a bottle of champagne or two. I love champagne, I think that most girls do, but a good quality champagne does not have to be expensive. Both Tesco and Marks and Spencer do some really nice champagne and they are often better than the brand names. I find both of them very drinkable and they are very popular with all my gents here at the escort agency.


    There are so many exciting delicacies that you can create and I even make my own chocolate and pastry. When you make your own things, you can taste the love that has gone into making the delicacies. Some people say that you cannot taste love but I would have to disagree. It does not matter what you say. I think that you can taste love and that little pinch of love is what makes the delicacies here at London escorts so special. There is nothing like sharing a little bit of love with somebody.



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