Too Many Takeaways

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  • January 31, 2017
  • We seem to have totally got away from a culture of cooking here in the UK. These days, we have more takeaways than every before. I know that it is easy food, but it is also fattening and expensive. A couple of weeks ago, I realised that I had fallen into the take away culture and need to change in a hurry. I was eating too much, and that is no good for my job here at Angel escorts. It is really important to look fit and sexy when you work for an escort service.

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    But, it is not only takeaways that are bad for you. On my way home from Angel escorts, I have to walk past several fast food places. It is really easy to pop in and have something to eat. I love fried chicken, and we have so many places in London where you can buy fried chicken for next to nothing. To make sure that I do get too tempted, I have started to take another route home from the escort agency. It does not only save me money, but it keeps me fit as well.

    So, what is the alternative to all of these takeaways and fast food places? Cooking for yourself is not really that hard. I have started to check out the supermarkets, and I now know when they have a lot of cheap deals. When they have cheap deals, I tend to pop in and buy what ever they have on offer. Then I cook ahead and make sure that I have something to eat when I come home. Steaming off a chicken dinner does not take very long, and it is so healthy for you as well.

    Most of the other girls here at Angel escorts do like to eat out. Okay, I don’t eat indoors all of the time, but I do like to eat in my home to save money. In all honestly, I did not realise how much money I was spending on eating eat. The girls here at agency often complain that they are short of money. Well if they are always eating out or using catering services, it will cost them a small fortune. I am not saying my colleagues at Angel escorts are not savvy but I do think that they are a little bit lazy.

    When I leave Angel escorts, I think that I like to work with food. I got the idea when I started to cook for myself. As a matter of fact, I realised that I am not such a bad chef. Most of the food that I cook taste really nice and my friends seem to enjoy it as well. I would like to have a small cafe that focused on cheap but healthy food. It would be really popular here in London and I am sure that a lot of the locals would appreciate it. If you could put together a meal for about £5 and still make a profit, I am sure that it would become a popular community restaurant.

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